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Project profile

This project connects the whole supply chain of CNT fiber, fiber woven fabric, and woven fabric composite materials, from raw materials to products centering on the spinning CNT. This also derives CNT powder, CNT fiber and CNT film products and various application products expanded by focusing on the above raw materials at the same time. The project aims to develop a new generation of fiber-based materials to fill in the void of China's high-performance fiber material market and to achieve the great-leap-forward in development of Chinese new composite materials.

The three core technologies of Cone Technology include: mass production technology of high-performance CNT fiber, the state-of-the-art spinning technology of CNT, patented automatic control production system and nano-scale in-situ test equipment of CNTs.. Cone Technology solves three core problems of CNT fiber materials in the production, application and industrialization of CNT fiber materials at present with the patented core technology: