In 2020
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In 2019
  • In Feb. 2019, Cone Technology Nanshan Operation Center officially kicked off.

  • In Mar. 2019, the second generation (hundred-tons-level) mass production equipment was successfully installed and implemented.

  • In Apr. 2019, Cone Technology became an Innovation Alliance Council Member of Advanced Electronic Materials Technology in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and arranged the secondary research and applications of CNT in diverse fields by cooperating with international manufacturers such as Toyota, Geely, etc.

  • In May 2019, Cone Technology won "Composite Materials Technology Innovation Award in Transport Field in 2018" and won "Technology Innovation Award of Chinese Society for Composite Materials in 2018".

  • In Jun. 2019, Cone Technology became a council member of Shenzhen Strategic Emerging Industry Development Promotion Association.

  • In Aug. 2019, Cone Technology fabricated the world’s first large-sized woven fabric made solely from CNT fiber and reported on this achievement at the ICCM22 conference.

In 2018
  • In Feb. 2018, Cone Technology was rated as "The Most Investment Value Company of China Financing in 2017".

  • In Mar. 2018, Longgang production equipment and process tuning were completed in the pilot test.

  • In Apr. 2018, Cone Technology initiated the secondary application of scientific research and cooperation with the enterprises and universities at home and abroad and became the Member of Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

  • In Aug. 2018, the second generation of mass production equipment commenced for installation and commissioning with production capability in the hundred-tons capacity.

  • In Nov. 2018, Cone Technology was included in "Top 50 China Makers in 2018" and won "Technology Innovation Award of Chinese Society for Composite Materials".

In 2017
  • In Jan. 2017, Cone (Japan) Co., Ltd. (wholly-owned subsidiary) was incorporated.

  • In Aug. 2017, Shenzhen Pilot Line officially kicked off. Cone R&D results were reported at the ICCM21 conference.

  • In Oct. 2017, Cone Technology was awarded the honor of "Shenzhen Peacock Team".

  • In Nov. 2017, the first generation of mass production equipment was implemented in Shenzhen.

  • In Nov. 2017, Cone Technology became a council member of the Chinese Society for Composite Materials.

  • In Dec. 2017, Cone Technology won the "2017 Jinmiao Award of Innovation Chain Forum of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area" and won the "Innovation Team Award of Carbontech 2017".

In 2016
  • In Jun. 2016, Dr. Fei Deng returned to China to co-found the Cone Technology (headquarter) with his former high school classmate, Shenghua Zhang.

  • In Nov. 2016, Cone Technology launched the first mass production pilot line of CNT fiber in the world.

In 2012
  • In 2012, America Delaware Laboratory produced the first CNT fiber.