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  • Fei Deng (Founder) Chief Scientist and President

    Ph.D, University of Tokyo
    Project Leader of Shenzhen Peacock Team
    Shenzhen overseas high-level talent
    Outstanding expert in Longgang District
    Member of American Society for Composite Materials, member of Japanese Society for Composite Materials and member of American Ceramic Society
    Reviewer of many international top journals

    Responsible for the planning and implementation of strategy and technical route of enterprises, and the management of the enterprises' global technology, product R&D and industrialization as a whole.

  • Shenghua Zhang (Co-founder) Chief Executive Officer

    MBA, Peking University
    Shenzhen high-level talent and Longgang innovation and entrepreneurship pioneer
    Outstanding expert in Longgang District
    Member of Shenzhen Youth CEO Club and member of Longgang District Young Entrepreneurs
    Member of Chinese Society for Composite Materials

    Responsible for coordinating and managing daily operation of enterprises, the company's business, market and capital operations.

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