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5G high-speed communication antenna


Antenna, one of very critical parts in the antenna communication system, is usually used to send and receive the wireless signal. Most traditional antennas are made from metals, such as copper. However, in order to meet new application demand of the wearable devices, implanted devices, aerospace applications, etc., scientists are developing more flexible and lighter next generation antenna with lower cost, utilizing the CNT and other new materials. The antenna made of the CNT film is not only as efficient as the copper antenna in the wireless application, but is tougher and more flexible. It can be coated to the device. Under the target frequency of 5GHz, 10GHz and 14GHz, the CNT film antenna can keep consistent with the corresponding metal antenna easily, and has much better mechanical characteristics.

This new antenna is not only suitable for the 5G network in the future and for aircraft, especially drones (the weight plays an important role), but also suitable for the wireless telemetry entrance for underground oil gas exploration. Additionally,, it is also suitable for the "IoT" application in the future.

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